The Lord impressed on my heart a word about our Worship.

Right now we see a lot of times a corporate worship rendered to God that is conditional, that is limited and for some boring. But God is looking for our worship to come up higher, way higher.

In the book of Revelations, specifically chapter 5, we see how the beasts and the elders worshipped. They fell down and worshipped him that lives forever and ever. They gave an ETERNAL WORSHIP.

This is the kind of worship we should be giving God now! We don’t have to wait until we go to heaven to give heaven’s worship. We should give it to God now, because He IS worthy of blessing, honor, glory and power forever and ever, which includes RIGHT NOW.

Next time you go to worship on your own or at church, have a mindset that you’re not going to do it the same. This time do it different. Give God an eternal worship, like you’re in heaven RIGHT NOW.

~Minister Katherine

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