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New Birth Church believes that this New Birth through Jesus Christ requires us to learn How to Live and Continue to Grow in Him. This can only occur through the knowledge of Christ’s order and way of doing things or Kingdom Principles, which is the Word of God.

Therefore, New Birth Church is…

Building Lives on Kingdom Principles  (The Word of God) [OUR VISION]

Transforming the lives of communities, families and individuals through teaching and developing them into living godly lives based on kingdom principles [OUR MISSION]


This is accomplished through the Foundations of the church:

  • Prayer– We pray for our Community/surrounding area, Pastor/leaders and Church.
  • The Word– We in teaching and developing people are further called to demonstrate how to live godly lives, giving understanding to who they are and what gifts God has provided in and through the believer.
  • Evangelism– We are called to outreach in the community through witnessing and Evangelism saturated by prayer.
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